LazyTube is international company located in US (Las Vegas), Europe (Estonia) and now also in Thailand (Phuket).  
Make your order now and we deliver your LazyTube(s) to your hotel lobby in hours. 
You can pay by Cash On Delivery (COD), by PayPal or by Credit Card (under the PayPal payment).



1. Unroll it.

2. Swing it through the air a few times.

3. Roll the open end of LazyTube tightly using 3–4 full turns.

4. Your comfy nest for lazy time is ready to use!

When rolled up tightly, LazyTube is so compact you can easily put it into your handbag or backpack,

in the backseat of your car, or on the luggage carrier of your bicycle.

If you like to show off, then you can carry it gracefully over your shoulder, as a shoulder bag is included.